Our Story

A dynamic freight forwarding company, SAFINA INTERNATIONAL has been on the move since 1991. Founded and owned by Mr. Elie Abi Akl, SAFINA INTERNATIONAL is here to answer all your shipping and forwarding needs.
With headquarters in London, UK, we know the ins and outs of logistics, transport, port and inland terminal operations, warehousing, and ship agencies. This empowers SAFINA INTERNATIONAL with unrivalled reliability, experience and expertise. The result is tailor-made solutions that optimally suit your requirements, time-constraints and budgets. For added satisfaction, we carefully monitor and coordinate rates, conditions and services.

To best serve our clients based in Lebanon and their businesses in Africa and the Far East, SAFINA INTERNATIONAL launched Safina International sarl, a sister company, in 2009. And today SAFINA INTERNATIONAL has offices in more than 90 countries all over the globe from the USA to Europe, Africa, South America, Central America, Oceania and the Middle East. With strategic partners directly involved in port operations, logistics, customs clearance, and warehousing, SAFINA INTERNATIONAL offers you a world of advantages.

Our approach to work is centralised not only through our website but also internally to ensure rate requests, direct contact with the shipping lines, EDI, and data communication are streamlined to provide you with fast, accurate and competitive rates to anywhere in the world by sea, air or land.

Winners of BS9002 award for the movement and forwarding of cargo by air, sea or land.